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Your business is your livelihood. Insurance options for your business are an essential tool to safeguarding that livelihood. Whether you operate a small business or large company, you’ll need some of the same basic commercial policies. We offer a range of affordable commercial insurance coverages to keep you protected.

We’ve sorted out the most general business coverage you need to stay protected. Learn more about each of our coverage options below:
Commercial automotive insurance
If you own and operate vehicles as part of your business, you’ll need a separate policy to cover automobile accidents, damage, and liability.

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Insurance bonds
Insurance policies can be specific to your business needs. We write bonds for notaries, contractors, estates, public officials, and more.

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Commercial general liability
You can be held responsible if someone slips, falls or injures themselves at your place of business. Get insurance coverage for medical bills, legal fees, and more expenses from liability claims.

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Inland marine and equipment breakdown coverage
Equipment can be essential to your business and expensive to replace. Inland marine insurance covers your equipment or merchandise in transport, and equipment breakdown reimburses you for repairs or replacement.

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Commercial property insurance
Protect your business property and merchandise in case of fire, vandalism, theft, and other covered events that cause damage and loss.

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Commercial umbrella/excess liability
All your commercial insurance policies will have coverage limits. If the nature of your business requires higher coverage amounts, consider a commercial umbrella liability policy.

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